Common Flags

These flags can be used with any command.

Flag Type Default Description
config string config file (default is $HOME/.fflint.yaml)
debug bool false Debugging output
fail-fast bool false Stop as soon as any test fails
filesize Range any Range of allowed file size
glob Globber doublestar How to expand wildcards in file names [ doublestar | golang | none ]
ignore-dotfiles bool true Ignore files/directories starting with a dot (.)
ignore-file string .gitignore ignore file
output OutputFormat text Output format [ filenames | json | markdown | text ]
progress bool true Show progress bar (default is false when stderr is piped)
show-detail bool true Show detailed data about each test
show-files Verbose none Show each file [ all | failing | none ]
show-tests Verbose failing Show each test [ all | failing | none ]
show-totals bool true Show total files tested, passed and failed

Custom Flag Types


Ranges specify acceptable minimum and maximum values.


Ratios specify the acceptable proportions between two values.